I’ve had major sinus issues since my late teens. At near 40 years old the issues became a major strain on my quality of life. At that time I began to seek help from medical doctors. After nearly four years under the care of an ENT specialist and allergist, the symptoms only became worse. Even surgery only relieved my symptoms for a short time. I gave up when my ENT told me point blank: I cannot help you! I had a consultation with Henry soon after. Under his care and guidance my situation has turned around 180 degrees. I am no longer suffering with sinus headaches and congestion and its the first time in years! – N. Esposito, Jersey City, NJ

I wanted to try homeopathy since western medicine does not seem terribly effective in treating GI disorders—except to run tests. With my family history and symptoms I had experienced in recent years, I wanted a more holistic approach to my GI issues and a focus on prevention. When I first met Henry Barbey at a company wellness event, I was struck by his careful attention to my story and his thoughtfulness. I have now been under Henry’s care for six months, and I am using two remedies. My symptoms have significantly improved, and Henry continues to monitor my GI health and overall health. GI health issues are complicated, since stress seems to directly affect GI health. Henry has been conscientious, thoughtful and sensitive. He is an excellent practitioner, and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking a preventative approach to health. – Susan Lee, Brooklyn, NY

In a time when bedside manner has been all but forgotten among members of the health profession, Henry Barbey’s gentle demeanor is a welcome change. In our sessions he created a safe space in which we were really able to root out the true source of my complaints, and his thorough follow-ups after care were testament to both his innate kindness and his thoroughness as a healer and health practitioner. – Jessica Cassity, Editor, Prevention Magazine

Mr. Henry Barbey is a kind, caring and talented homeopath whom I would highly recommend to anyone seeking good health and wellness. He has an ease and gentleness that allows you to feel comfortable from the start, plus an uncanny ability to translate your condition into the absolute proper remedy from the initial visit! Henry Barbey is a consummate professional and a true testament to the health “care” field and how it “should” be. I feel so lucky to have found Mr. Barbey and have him as my homeopath. He is a true gem! – Suzette G., New York, NY

My adult son was seeking a holistic approach to manage his Aspergers as an alternative to his medical prescription. I met Henry at my company’s health fair and learned about homeopathy options that could help my son. After his first consultation Henry suggested a remedy to supplement his prescriptions. As my son took the remedy he noticed improvements in his symptoms. After a few adjustments with the dosage of the remedy he feels that he is in a better state of mind than he was prior to last year’s consultation. Throughout my son’s care, Henry made certain that I was part of the process by scheduling periodic phone meetings to get a sense of my view on the changes I was seeing in my son’s behavior at home. So far, this homeopathic journey is helping my son and giving him new confidence to continue in this direction. He has a job, is learning to play the guitar and taking steps to build a life for himself. What all parents wish for their children. I believe this positive outcome is due to Henry’s devotion to homepathy – his belief that a healthy body and mind can best be supported within a natural healing process and his deep care to heal his clients. – Charlotte McRobbie, South Orange, NJ

The first time I saw Henry, I was 83 years old. At that time, I had aches and pains in various parts of my body. In our initial meeting, Henry spent time understanding my life & health history. Immediately, I felt comfortable discussing my many life experiences as well as my various health issues. Henry showed tremendous interest while consulting me. It quickly became clear to me that he takes great care and pride in his clients in order to find the proper remedy for them. I have been in Henry’s care for seven months now and feel a remarkable difference in my health. Most of my symptoms have been either been eliminated or drastically reduced! I’ve just turned 84 and feel that without Henry I would not be in this state of well-being and improved health. I ONLY have Henry to thank! – Linda G., Tampa, Fla.

After seeing numerous doctors, being given prescription after prescription, I decided to give homeopathy a try.  I was first introduced to Mr. Henry Barbey at a health fair that my company sponsored.  Needless to say, speaking to Henry that day was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Homeopathy appeals to me because it addresses each individual.  Henry has always dealt with me in a patient, kind and professional manner.  I suffered from severe migraines for years.  One specialist I saw gave me samples of about seven different migraine medicines that were on the market and mentioned that I should see which one worked the best for me.  Each medicine had different side effects that I had to deal with.  Needless to say, I was not pleased. I have been under Henry’s care for about a year, and I can proudly say I no longer suffer from migraines!  The remedy I currently take works wonders for me.  In addition, I have noticed that my overall health and well being has improved as well.  In the past, I was a regular at my doctor’s office.  My doctor’s visits have decreased dramatically!  I would definitely recommend homeopathy to anyone that is looking to improve their health naturally. – D. Turner, Bronx, NY

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