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Root Canal Pain – Homeopathy Can Handle It

Posted by Henry Barbey

I got a call one day from a woman who had just come from the dentist after a root canal procedure. She was wondering if there was a natural approach to manage the pain rather than the prescription medicine that her doctor had given her. Prescription medicines have the potential of side effects. She also said she had a relative from out of town dropping by for a visit that evening.

Fortunately, homeopathy has a wonderful remedy for such acute pain situations: the remedy Hypericum. Hypericum is a remedy that is used in situations where there is pain or damage to an area rich in nerves. The mouth and gums are highly sensitive because of the extensive nerve network in that area of the body.

I suggested that she take a dose of Hypericum in the 30C potency and repeat as needed for the pain. She called me at 10 PM that evening in amazement, saying that she had taken one dose and the pain subsided, allowing her to feel completely comfortable for the visit with her relative. She had not needed to repeat the remedy since that first dose at 5 PM.

She did not need to take another dose for the pain. This experience sold her on the power and efficacy of homeopathy.