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5 Remedies for Seasonal Allergens

Posted by Henry Barbey

For those who experience the effects of seasonal allergens, homeopathy has natural remedies to help*. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that looks at the specific symptoms a person is experiencing, then seeks to find a remedy that matches those symptoms. The following list contains remedies that can provide relief for common symptoms of seasonal allergens. Please note that if you are experiencing a severe reaction, seek professional help immediately.

For cases of repeated or ongoing reactions to seasonal allergens, a chronic versus acute program of care would be needed. This would call for an appointment with a professional.

The following remedies are helpful only when the remedy description is a similar match to the symptoms a person is experiencing**.

1) Allium Cepa

This remedy is made from the red onion, so its symptom picture is similar to that experienced when slicing or cutting up an onion. There is tearing of eyes, usually a bland(non-irritating) discharge. This remedy picture would also have profuse watery nasal discharge that feels like a “running faucet.” The nasal discharge is burning, often irritating the nose or upper lip. The eyes may be red and burning also, with a desire to rub the eyes. There may be sneezing with rawness and tingling, and possibly a frontal headache. The symptoms are: worse from the smell of flowers; worse in the late afternoon or evening; worse from being in a warm room; better in open air.

2) Ambrosia

This is a remedy made from ragweed itself. Therefore, it has been helpful for common symptoms of hay fever. Symptoms such as intolerable itching of eyelids; tearing, burning eyes and watery nasal discharge. There may be asthmatic breathing, wheezing, or coughing present.

3) Euphrasia

This remedy has profuse burning tears and bland nasal discharge(opposite to Allium Cepa which has profuse burning/irritating nasal discharge and bland tearing).The eyes burn and are very sensitive to light, with much blinking. The eyes and cheeks are reddened from the skin irritating tears. The eye symptoms worse in open air, and the nasal discharge is worse when lying down and at night.

4) Sabadilla

Top remedy when violent sneezing or fits of sneezing (many sneezes in a row) is the primary complaint. There is also itching and tingling in the nose, with profuse thin nasal discharge. The sneezing is worse in cold air and from odors and perfume.

5) Wyethia

There is marked itching in nose, throat, and roof of mouth. The person may “cluck” with the back of the tongue to sooth the itching. There is irritation in the throat; constant clearing of the throat; throat feels swollen. There may be sneezing and dry cough.

*Should you have any special medical conditions or be pregnant, consult with your physician before taking any homeopathic or medicinal substances. Also, in severe or emergency medical situations seek professional care immediately.

**In terms of a “potency” for the abovementioned remedies, 30C would be a good choice to have on hand. If you experience one of the symptoms listed above, take one dose of the indicated remedy every 30 minutes until relief is felt, then stop. Repeat the process if the discomfort recurs. If there is no improvement after taking a few doses of a remedy, discontinue and seek professional medical or homeopathic care.