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How Homeopathy Works

Posted by Henry Barbey

Homeopathy is considered “energy” medicine. It is part of the “vitalistic” branch of medicine: a branch of medicine that works by stimulating the vital (or life, or animating) force within the person. When the correct homeopathic remedy stimulates this vital force, it (vital force) corrects the imbalance within the person and alleviates the “dis-ease” condition.

A person ingests, or in certain cases can apply a topical form of, a homeopathic remedy and the vital force within the person is stimulated. This stimulation of the vital force within the person supports the organism to correct certain imbalances that are out of alignment.

How do we get out of balance or alignment? Through many ways: various forms of trauma, toxins in the food or environment, unhealthy habits, excessive stress, infectious agents, poor sanitation, etc. The body and mind can get overburdened over time and not be able to correct itself without support. Homeopathy is that support that can stimulate the re-balancing in a profound way.

The great thing about homeopathy is that it is holistic (whole person). It works on all levels of a person (physical, mental, emotional) to provide relief from suffering. It is mind-body medicine at its finest.

Homeopathy will do no harm under the care of a qualified practitioner. It is known as a gentle system of healing that can transform a person’s health and well-being.